3 Tips for Cold Weather Concealed Carry

Winter is a harsh time of year that requires you to dress in layers to stay extra warm. Carrying concealed is more challenging with so much clothing on to deal with and it’s not as easy to access your CCW in an emergency. There are a few things you can do to make the process smooth and effective.

1. Analyze Ease of Access

If you’re wearing a vest or coat, leave it unzipped or unbuttoned if you can This will allow for quicker access to your holster. It shouldn’t hinder your comfort too much by doing this and it’s a safer solution if temperatures aren’t too unbearable.

When the weather is harsh, you’ll need to stay buttoned up. This is when your training comes into play. Ideally, you will have prepared for this type of weather and will have a practiced and smooth draw despite zippers or buttons.

If you love spending a lot of time outside in bundled clothing, you might want to consider carrying a pocket holster. Don’t carry your gun loose inside the pocket. Pocket carry with a holster design for it.

2. Dress for Defense

On the subject of gloves, it can be tricky when drawing and firing.  Glove-covered fingers can catch on the gun’s trigger guard. Wear gloves that are made for shooting and self-defense. Practice with them at the range before carrying while wearing them.

It’s essential to have a clean, properly lubricated gun.”Special” lubricants for winter carry aren’t often necessary, but defensive handguns are typically carried close to the body where they tend to keep warm no matter the time of year.

3. Train in Cold Weather

Finally, a good thing to do is practice several hundred times at a minimum drawing your gun quickly and smoothly while bundled up.  Winter is a great time to practice your dry fire drills. It’s also critical to emphasize that this must be done with your gun unloaded at all times.

Get out to the range no matter what the weather is like. Thieves and attackers won’t wait for nice weather to strike. Know what it takes to defend yourself in cold weather by going through your training outdoors if possible.

The last thing you want in a threatening situation is to be fumbling around in bulky clothing to reach for your gun. It’s a recipe for disaster. Check your local gun shops or outdoor retail chains for appropriate clothing and gear to help concealed carry more safe and secure this winter.

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