A Trio of New Revolvers from Kimber

Three new six-shot revolvers from Kimber are interesting. These were made specifically for people who had requested a lightweight small-framed magnum. 
The three new guns are the the K6s Stainless 3-inch, K6s DC (Deep Cover), and K6s CDP (Custom Defense Package). These are all similar to guns that were introduced by Kimber at 2016’s SHOT Show, but these have been slightly tweaked.
The Stainless 3-inch is billed as the world’s lightest production 6-round, 3-inch .357 Magnum revolver. ($900)
Kimber K6s 3-inch
The Deep Cover (DC) main difference is the black DLC finish and tritium night sights on a 2-inch barrel. ($1,155)
Kimber Deep Cover
The Custom Defense Package (CDP) has a laminated wood grip and a brushed stainless cylinder with a 2-inch barrel. (also $1,155)
Kimber CDP
These are high-dollar small revolvers all based on the Smith & Wesson model 40. It’s a small, nice .357 with 6 shots versus 5. These are light and small. People will always like old pistol models and gunmakers are really only now starting to modernize some of the classic old guns.  And everybody loves a 3-inch barrel because it’s just that much more accuracy
Images from KimberAmerica.com