Off-Body Carry Gone Wrong- Accidental Discharge at Texas Clinic Injures One

A recent incident in Texas should help to show the importance of safe and responsible concealed carry. It was a terrible and frightening incident, but hopefully some gun owners will learn from it.

If you’re choosing off-body carry as the way to keep a handgun for self-defense, do it correctly. If you don’t, this is what can happen. Not only are the lives of everyone around you in danger, unsafe carry gives our community a bad reputation.

A woman in a Texas medical center was reaching for some paperwork when her concealed handgun fell from her purse and discharged. The round went through the wall and struck another patient.

The injury was, thankfully, non life-threatening and the victim was able to be treated on the scene without incident.

The accidental discharge incident can teach those new to concealed carry a few very important lessons.

Use a holster and bag made specifically for concealed carry. There are many options for off-body carry, and they’re built to keep firearms safe and secure.

It’s also crucial that you stay aware of your environment when carrying concealed. In this example, not only were firearms not permitted, but the location was a crowded room.

Know the regulations and situations you’ll encounter before you leave the house with a defensive firearm. Carrying safe and secure is what keeps the reputations of gun owners positive.

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