Accuracy is Important. Improve Your Shooting Accuracy Today.

If you had to pull out your gun because of a crime, would you shoot a bystander? Obviously no, you wouldn’t shoot a bystander on purpose! But what if you did, by accident, because you couldn’t aim for the person you were trying to hit? We understand that many people will say that if you “can’t hit the broadside of a barn,” then you shouldn’t take your gun out into public. And we agree with that statement. But, we also know that when you are in a stressful situation sometimes our bodies don’t respond the way we think they will. Other people, noises, activity, animals, etc around us may cause us to not be as focused on accuracy as we need to be.

That’s why we are stressing how important accuracy is when carrying in crowded areas. We’ve got the holidays coming up and people are going to be out filling shopping malls and stores more than ever. The facts show that a lot of crime goes up around the holidays, because it’s a stressful time. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, statistics show that crime increases during and after the holiday season because more people have cash, more people are out shopping, more people have flashy new electronics. Home invasions increase because burglars know that people have piles of gifts under the trees, or stashed in their cars.

How important is accuracy?

Think about the last time you went to the gun range. How was your accuracy? Chances are you were non-stressed, probably actually having a good time. Maybe laughing and talking with your buddies while target shooting. You probably were pretty accurate because you were non-pressured and relaxed.

It’s a darn good bet that if you tried that same shooting drill in your garage while you were also yelling at your wife to get the kids to safety and wondering if there were just one or two masked men in your garage, you might not be so accurate! Or imagine you’re checking out at a Wal-Mart and someone runs in shooting while yelling about religion. Again, stress is going to make you fearful, less certain, protective of your body. Sudden movements and noises will put you off your aim.

The more you practice the better you’re gonna be. Period. No matter the situation. Master target shooters or competitive shooters practice for the amount of time that you and I might sit on our butts at work or watching TV each week. Well, I’m here to tell you today about a new and easy way to improve shooting accuracy while you’re at home. No, you can’t sit on the couch while doing it, but you can watch TV. Let me tell you about it.

Study Accuracy Drills and Stances Online or In the Comfort of Your Home.

American Concealed has a new Shooting For Accuracy video training course. It’s brand new, and available now for an introductory sale price. We think that you’re going to like practicing your accuracy while watching a video because you can see and hear an instructor explain the reasoning behind the stance and exercises. In our video, you can see the instructor’s whole body so you can see what he’s doing, and rewatch it as many times as you want.

In a class when you’re in a group, there’s pressure to pick things up quickly. You don’t want to be that one person who’s going slower, asking more questions, or just not sure of themselves. When you’re watching a DVD or checking out an online video, you can pause it. Get up, stretch, get some water, go back to it when you’re ready and watch it as many times as you need to get it right. No pressure on taking too much time.

We’ve got this new video available as an electronic version or with a book and DVD. American Concealed’s Shooting for Accuracy walks through, in easy to understand language, dry firing practices and breathing and stance to train your eyes, body and trigger finger to pull the trigger smoothly, without moving the sights off target. Give your body the muscle memory to achieve high accuracy with a video that you can watch any time you want. Shooting accuracy is important. Improve yours today.