Concealed Carrier a Hero After Stopping Attacker Armed with Two Guns

Thomas McCary held a gun in each hand on Sunday night and fired shots at several people, including a 1-year old boy and the boy’s mother. According to the Fox19 report, Cincinnati police say the man fired at four people during the incident.

The man’s brother, who was carrying concealed, was able to would the man and end a potential disaster before any innocent victims were injured.

Initially, the man fired at his brother, Patrick Ewing, who was approaching in the middle of an argument. He failed to connect and that’s when his brother used his handgun in self-defense.

He returned fire, hitting McCary in the leg. McCary returned to the house injured, but still emerged again to fire at people on the street with a gun in each hand.

Ewing fired several more shots back, diverting McCary’s attention and allowing the victims to get out of danger.

Incident like these should remind us of the importance of our initial defensive shots. Even if your shot wounds the attacker in the leg, they can still have the ability to continue shooting and threaten the lives of others.

In cases like these, when the shots do not connect they must hit somewhere. In a crowded neighborhood such as this one in Cincinnati, accuracy is top priority. This is where training proves itself by ending incidents like this without any property of innocent lives affected by off-target fire.

You can read more about the incident and the local community’s reaction at Fox19 Cincinnati here.

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