Concealed-Carry Awareness Bracelet Fails

I got a news release email about this bracelet and clicked through to it. Even though the email just came in last week, I see that the campaign was a big, fat fail from about a year ago. Not sure why the email just came through, but it’s a good excuse to bring up the fact that most people who carry concealed don’t want others to know that they’re carrying.

You see, the inventor of the “Concealed Carry Awareness Bracelet” thought that there should be a “quick, easy way to signal to others that he is legally carrying a firearm in a concealed position.”

The inventor from¬†Azle, Texas, said,¬†“I thought that this would put others minds at ease, especially in the event of a dangerous altercation.” He put his invention on Kickstarter and it received only $1 out of the $10,000 goal.

But seriously…why do you think it failed? Perhaps because the inventor forgot about the basic idea of “concealed” being a part of the “carry.” If there’s an altercation, chances are good he’s not going to have the time to pull out his bracelet and wave it around and show everyone that he’s qualified to handle the situation because he’s “legally carrying a firearm in a concealed position.”

If you want everyone to know you’re carrying, there’s always the option of open carry if you’re allowed to in your state. If you really WANT people to know you’re carrying we have t-shirts! (We don’t sell a whole lot of these t-shirts. Know why? Yeah…the whole concealed thing.)