Concealed Pocket Carry


We previously discussed three areas to carry concealed during the summer months – in-waistband, pocket carry, and off-body. We would like to spend a little more time with pocket carry, as there are important tips to keep in mind if you choose this location. If pocket carry is not your preferred carry location, some of these tips are applicable to other carry locations.

The first consideration you need to make is which gun to use for pocket carry. There are three essential criteria the gun needs to meet:

1 – Small enough to easily fit into the pocket
2 – Light enough to carry comfortably and not cause significant sagging of clothing
3 – Have enough firepower to be an effective defense against attackers

As more Americans choose to protect themselves with concealed carry, more manufacturers have stepped up to fill the niche of compact and subcompact firearms. It really is a buyer’s market for small, lightweight guns for concealed carry. Visit your local gun store and handle as many guns as you can. Your gun needs to be comfortable for you, not the shop’s balance sheet.

While you are selecting the perfect gun, take the time to pick out the perfect holster to go with it. You should never carry your gun inside a pocket without it being properly holstered. A holster serves two main purposes for pocket carry: protect the firearm and prevent the gun from ‘printing’ through your clothes, alerting others that you are carrying. A quality holster will fit your gun snugly, and will cover the gun after it is drawn from your pocket.

Remember to keep only your holstered gun inside your pocket. Keys or cell phones can jostle themselves into a position that prevents an easy and smooth draw should the need arise. Other items inside the pocket can also cause the grip of your gun to print through your pocket, defeating the purpose of concealed carry.

Finally, as with all things gun related: practice, practice, practice. Practice walking around with your holstered gun in pocket so you are comfortable and do not give any indications that you are carrying before you go into public. Practice drawing your gun so the movement is smooth and natural. If your local gun range allows, practice drawing your gun from the pocket and firing at targets from different distances. Should the need arise, you do not want to be fumbling for your gun – seconds saves lives.

If you have not already done so, get certified now in gun safety to begin the process of carrying concealed. If you already have a permit, be sure to forward this message onto your friends and family, so they can begin protecting themselves as well.


Image shown is Bianchi 152 Pocket Piece Pocket Holster S&W J-Frame Leather Brown