Correct Your Shot With American Concealed’s New Shot Training Correction Target

We’re blowing our own horn today to tell you about the new Shot Training Target we’ve just added to the American Concealed shop.

This training target helps you evaluate your shot and what mistakes you could be making. It offers explanations to help you make sense of why your shot might go to the upper left of the target. For instance, in that case, you might be squeezing the heel of your grip too much, causing the muzzle to rise.

The target hangs at a good size of 17.5 inches wide by 24 inches tall. The bright yellow target is dead center, with radiating gray zones surrounding it. Each zone offers common problems caused by both right and left hand shooting and solutions to help you correct the mistakes for dead-on target practice every time.

Each of the eight zones helps you quickly discover what’s causing you to shoot off target by identifying where each bullet strike falls. Even something as small as using your index finger just a tad too much can pull your bullet off center, and leave you with a strike to the right instead of where you wanted to plant it.

Try shooting it the way you really do and evaluate what you might be doing wrong. Then try to intentionally pull your bullets around the eight zones and see if you can feel the difference. These targets are ideal for the new as well as experienced shooter and would make an ideal gift along with a box of ammunition and a day at the range.

Order the paper targets in packs of two for $9.95 or three for $14.75. Flat-rate shipping of $2.50 applies. They’re in the American Concealed shop and are ready to ship now.

Shot Correction Training Target