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Join the 14.5 million Americans licensed for concealed carry.

Virginia Concealed Carry

The Virginia concealed weapons permit is available to United States citizens outside Virginia and is recognized in 28 states (31 states for Virginia residents).

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Oregon Concealed Carry

With your Oregon concealed permit, you can carry concealed in 19 states.

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Iowa Concealed Carry

With an Iowa concealed carry permit, you can carry in 32 states.

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Idaho Concealed Carry

The Idaho concealed carry permit allows you to carry in 30 states.

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Wyoming Concealed Carry

With the Wyoming concealed carry permit, you can carry in 36 states.

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Arizona Concealed Carry

The Arizona non-resident permit is honored by 30 states (36 states for Arizona residents). You’ll receive the online Marksmanship and Safety Training as well as in-person Firearms Training with a certified instructor. Coupon codes are not valid on Arizona Concealed Carry.

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