Great Gifts for Concealed Carriers

November has come and gone, and it’s time to think about gifts for our loved ones. This time of year, many of us tend to focus on big-ticket items. But just as appreciated are the stocking stuffers and day-to-day items given with care. Treat your concealed carrier to some of these gun-related gifts at various price points.

  • Jewelry. Earrings made from bullet casings will be an unexpected surprise. Choose from different calibers and styles: hoops, hooks or posts. Pendant necklaces from a variety of calibers are another great choice. All are made in the USA and available on this website.
  • Cufflinks and money clip. .45 caliber bullet casing cufflinks are an impressive and uncommon option. Pair them with a matching bullet casing money clip for style on the move. The jewelry and cufflinks, along with other gift items, are also available on this website.
  • Ammunition. If you know a shooter, then you know they can always use ammunition. And they’ll be delighted to receive it. It’s like giving a cooking enthusiast a few bottles of fine olive oil, or an artist some new brushes.
  • Ear protection. Your concealed carrier no doubt has ear protection, but consider whether or not they could use an upgrade. It’s a great way to show you care—about their ability to shoot and their hearing.
  • Paper targets. Similar to ammunition, targets are an item shooters never seem to have enough of. American Concealed has a shot-correcting target poster that would be great for someone who is trying to achieve better accuracy. Based on where your shots hit off center,  this training target explains common shooting mistakes to help you fire more accurately.
  • Range bag. Does your concealed carrier have a proper range bag? There are a lot of options on the market. Choose one with ample dividers and padding, side pockets and organizers.
  • Practice time. Keeping up your skills can make a dent in your wallet. So why not treat your concealed carrier to some range time? Remove any obstacles in the way of regular practice.
  • Professional training. Practice is fantastic, and we all need it. But training with a professional from time to time can take our shooting skills to another level.
  • Gift certificate. There are items that make great gifts. Some are more expensive, like a handgun. Some are less expensive, a holster for instance. But these are very personal items that usually require the user to be present for the purchase. This is where a gift certificate can be a handy option.

If you have great ideas for a concealed carrier “gift list,” leave us a message in the comment section.

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