How Much Training Is Necessary for Concealed Carry?

Regular gun training may seem like too much effort especially once you get comfortable handling your gun. But the consequences of not training enough and feeling helpless in an emergency are serious and scary. But how much training is enough?

Before you carry concealed, it is important to train enough to feel confident that you can use your gun if you need it. Basic firearms training that includes safety training is necessary to ensure you know how to use your weapon.

Practice to develop muscle memory.
Make sure you train extensively with the firearm you intend to carry daily until you feel confident handling and firing your gun. You’ll also want to practice drawing the firearm from your holster. This practice will help you develop muscle memory so that you will be able to use your weapon almost instinctively should the need arise.

Once you’ve developed basic shooting skills, it is important to maintain those skills. Make sure you find time to practice and improve your skills. You never know when you’ll be faced with a situation that will require you to use your gun to defend yourself.

The amount of training a concealed carry permit holder should have depends on the person. Many gun owners love shooting guns and want to train as much as they can. They may pursue extensive tactical training courses and spend significant amounts of time at the shooting range. Other gun owners may feel confident that they are capable of using their gun safely and effectively; therefore, they may choose to train less frequently.

Dry firing can reduce expense.
Visiting the shooting range can be expensive. Many concealed carry permit holders find it useful to practice by dry firing their weapon. Dry firing is a great way to practice using your gun without using up expensive ammo. Remember to treat your gun as if it is loaded and never point it at anything you’re not prepared to destroy.

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