How to Carry Concealed in the Summer

Research is now showing that extreme weather means increases in crime and and violence. In fact, a recent New York Times article compared the results of 27 research studies on weather and violence and found that all over the world, extreme weather almost always results in more conflict between groups and violence between individuals.

Areas affected by drought and long periods of high temperatures will almost surely result in more fights, attacks, robberies, and erratic behaviors. Prepare to protect yourself this summer by carrying a concealed handgun. There are ways carry concealed while wearing shorts and t-shirts, and you can do it very comfortably.

Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters are a less revealing option and fit nicely under a t-shirt and pants. These give the handgun a low profile, rather than allowing the gun to bulge out along the waistline. Choose a smaller, more compact weapon because a larger model may dig into your torso or leg.

Pocket carry is a great option if you’re wearing shorts. Remember to  always use a pocket carry holster. Never just slide a gun into your pocket. Foreign objects can damage the gun and interfere with your draw. Items like a pen or keys can easily manipulate the trigger without your knowledge. A pocket holster covers the trigger guard to prevent these types of accidents.

A pocket holster also holds the weapon upright in your pocket. Your grip will be correct when you draw your weapon. Choose a pocket holster that is made to stay in your pocket upon drawing. Material like “alligator skin” is designed to catch on the material so that only your weapon is removed from your pocket.

A “belly band” style holster is made of elastic and attaches with velcro. It contains several pouches and areas designed to carry a handgun and other items like a pocket knife or money. These holsters are not meant for speed, as you will need to lift your shirt to access the weapon. What you trade for speed you gain in concealment and comfort. These can be adjusted for your body type and movement needs.

Compression clothing for concealed carry is also an option for men and women in the summer months. You can find a variety of tight fitting shirts and undershorts that are modified to hold a concealed handgun. They are perfect for summer weather because they fit closely to the body or ride low on the hips.  If your clothing is slimming or doesn’t have pockets, this type of holster is a good option.

You could also consider off-body carry. There are a wide variety of bags, cases, and purses that feature a secure storage space for your concealed handgun. Backpacks, laptop cases, and more stylish handbags are available depending on how and when you carry concealed. When you carry off- body remember to always keep your bag with you and have it secure against access by children or other unauthorized people.

There are plenty of ways to carry concealed in the summer. You need to protect yourself against the increase in crime and violence that comes along with rising temperatures and extreme weather. Don’t let different types of clothing stop you from carrying.

Remember to try a variety of holster options and sizes in order to find the one that fits your body type and activity needs best. Practice regularly with your chosen holster to be sure that you can draw and carry responsibly.