Man Takes Concealed Gun and Shoots Victim in Kansas

Yesterday we published an article about why some folks feel threatened by open carry. Apparently, some people get threatened when a gun is poorly concealed as well. We heard about this news incident in Kansas where a man who was carrying a poorly concealed handgun was shot in the leg with his own gun.

We always say that if you’re gonna open carry, then open carry, and if you’re gonna concealed carry, then keep it concealed. This guy was doing concealed carry the wrong way, apparently, when according to Kansas police, the un-named man had his gun taken away from him by 59-year-old ¬†Ricky Paul Smith of Overland Park. He was charged with aggravated assault and battery after pointing the gun at the victim and another man, and shooting the un-named man in the leg. Not much detail was given other than that, but we can only imagine that the “concealed” gun was too easy to see and obviously too easy to take away.

Folks, keep your guns close to you concealed, and under your control at all times. There’s just no telling what the other members of the public might do if they see that you have a gun. Luckily, the leg shooting was not life threatening and the shooter was taken into custody with $10,000 bond.

Image courtesy of kansascity.com


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