Missouri Woman Stashes Loaded Gun In Her Private Parts

This is one of the strangest gun stories we’ve heard. It’s right up there with the man who castrated himself after sitting on a loaded gun.

A woman from Missouri was found with a fully loaded handgun (somehow) stuffed inside her vagina when she was stopped doing 90 mph on an Illinois highway.

The 20-year-old woman named Amika Witt also had heroin in her bra and ecstasy in the car. Witt was taken to McLean County jail and strip-searched by a female officer who found a 13-ounce Kimber .380 handgun with a fully loaded magazine and a bullet in the chamber ready to fire.

What is wrong with people? Maybe this girl and the castrated guy should get together. At least then they’d not be able to reproduce.

Image from kimberamerica.com


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