Russia’s New Howitzer Shoots Farther Than Any NATO Gun

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a statement recently saying that its new Koalitsiya-SV howitzer shoots farther than any western gun. The Koalitsiya-SV will reportedly be ready for service by 2020.

First unveiled in 2015, the Koalitsiya-SV, also known as “Coalition-SV,” is a 152mm self-propelled gun that can reportedly fire 15 to 20 rounds a minute. By contrast, the US M109 Paladin fires 6 rounds a minute. Because the K-SV is so automated, it only requires two or three crew members as opposed to the Paladin which requires six. Just another example of Russian efficiency on display.

The Koalitsiya-SV can reportedly fire rounds up to 43 miles. This is much farther than the Paladin, which fires up to 18 miles. It’s also quite a bit farther Great Britain’s AS90 Braveheart at 24 miles.

It’s also capable of firing a variety of rounds, like standard and rocket-assisted high-explosive fragmentation projectiles, cluster projectiles and jammer projectiles, according to military-today.com. These projectiles, however, unlike Russia’s new long-range precision-guided shell, have firing ranges of less than 43 miles.

Check out the Coalition-SV in action below:



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