Ohio Processes High Number of Gun Permits

So far in 2016, more people have applied for and received concealed carry permits in Ohio than in nearly all 12 months of 2015.

The Canton, Ohio-based site CantonRep.com reported that by mid-June the record had already fallen. The sheriff has issues 2,106 permits this year, only 349 permits less than all of 2015.

According to Stark County data, the gun permitting office issued 2,455 permits and renewals in 2015, 2,500 in 2014 and 3,004 in 2013. Those numbers show a decline, but this year might reverse this trend.

One deputy with the Stark County Sheriff’s Department, Christina Neading, was quoted as saying the permit requests are fear-based because people want to feel protected. She says people are worried about their guns being taken away following the upcoming presidential election. People are also worried about acts of domestic terrorism.

Neading went on to say that more women and older people are among the population applying for permits. The uptick in these segments of the population applying for permits echoes a national trend. In July, the Crime Prevention Research Center reported that that number of concealed handgun permits has increased nationwide.

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