Oregon Considers Three Gun Control Proposals

We’ve posted some news from Oregon recently. Like this article from February about how Oregon’s Republicans don’t like a proposal of Democratic Governor Kate Brown that prevents most state employees from carrying a concealed handgun to work, even if they have a license to carry. Well, Oregon is in the news again as legislators take up multiple proposals on gun control.

On Monday, Oregon held the first hearing on several gun control laws. Legislators met to discuss Senate Bill 797, which would require that a background check actually be completed before a gun sale could be made. Currently in Oregon, if state police are unable to complete a background check within three days, a gun dealer may go ahead and complete the sale. the bill would also prohibit anyone who has a restraining order against them by a family member or anyone who has been convicted of misdemeanor stalking from possessing a gun.

They considered Senate Bill 868, which allows the immediate family members of a person they believe to be suicidal or a threat to others to seek an “extreme risk protection order.” This order would prohibit the suicidal/violent people from possessing guns. If the judge approves the “extreme risk protection order” the person would be forced to surrender all guns and ammunition and be prohibited from buying a gun for a year.

Senate Bill 764 makes a lot of small changes to current gun laws. For instance, it adds a new requirement that in order to receive a concealed handgun permit a person must take an in-person live shooting training class rather than an online class, which is currently permitted.