Sheriffs Across the Country Call for Concealed Carry

Local sheriffs across the country are calling on their constituents to be armed in the wake of consecutive months with mass violence.

Following suit with the Fraternal Order of Police’s call to the NFL for relaxed firearms possession regulations at stadiums, local sheriffs are using their influence to encourage the American populace to get certified and armed for protection.

Sheriff Wayne Merritt in Missouri has discounted the price of a concealed carry permit from $100 down to $65 in order to encourage local citizens to get a permit to carry.

The sheriff of Boone County, Kentucky Michael Helmig used the department’s facebook page to say that citizens “have a responsibility to carry their firearm, for the safety of themselves and others”.

Even in New Jersey, infamous for its restrictive firearms laws, Egg Harbor Township Mayor Sonny McCullough has spoken out for more relaxed regulations in reaction to the increased violence.

In Florida, Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted a video to the department’s website encouraging citizens to arm themselves. In his video he notes that, even with a response time under 5 minutes and years of dedicated training, law enforcement can still arrive to an active shooter scene too late.

In many of the states, the people are showing their support with their wallets. Gun purchases are spiking to all-time highs and the FBI is reporting record numbers of criminal background checks processed in 2015.

It’s important to note that concealed carry should only be done in the proper state of mind. Anger and fear are dangerous and could result in a lack of focus. Carrying concealed should only be done with a clear mind and after proper training.