Man Shoots Baby in the Head With a BB Gun

What should we do with guys like this? Zachary Black, 20, from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is in jail after he shot a baby in the head with a BB gun.

Yes, he says it was an accident. But he told police he was “twirling it around and it went off.” So, yeah, definitely an avoidable accident.

The BB lodged into the 3-month-old baby’s brain and the baby is being treated. We hope the baby boy makes a full recovery. And thank God it wasn’t a real bullet. Reports say the baby is recovering, no longer having seizures and the swelling is going down.

Folks, we know this is “just” a BB gun but all guns should be handled with the same respect and care. This means not “playing” with them while they are loaded. Don’t twirl it around. And probably move the baby away from the place where you are playing around just in case. Shooting BB guns is real fun, but it’s also real dangerous.


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