Should You Carry Spare Ammunition?

Anyone carrying concealed should consider the option of carrying spare ammunition. The answer to the question of whether you should or not really boils down to two things: preferences and practice.

There are a few good reasons to consider carrying concealed spare ammunition. Many people who carry concealed might think that whatever ammunition they carry will be sufficient to end the threat. They might assume that they’ll only be facing one attacker, or that each of their shots will be deadly accurate.

The truth could be far different.

Carrying concealed is about being prepared for anything. What if anything meant trying to defend yourself with an empty gun? A self-defense incident is highly charged with emotion and struggle. You could be firing from the ground or while trying to get away. You might not be as accurate under stress as you are during target practice.

As much as we hate to admit it, cartridge malfunctions happen, even to the best of us. When your life is in danger, sometimes a quick reload is the only option.

For those that carry a semi-automatic, spare magazines are usually easy to keep in a pocket with a clip or belt pouch opposite of the holster. An autoloader is sleek and usually very easy to conceal.

For a typical double-action revolver with five or six shots, a speedloader holds a gun load of cartridges and is probably the fastest option. A Speed Strip is also a proven option.

Being a bit more bulky in shape, this spare ammo is a bit trickier to conceal. Go with a pocket that you know will hold it securely and in material that won’t sag under the weight.

Carry the revolver’s spare ammo nearest to the hand you prefer to use for loading. Keeping it on your non-dominant side could speed things up, but the dexterity required for reloading might require you to use your dominant hand.

Wherever you decide to carry it, be sure the spare ammunition is in a location that’s secure, clean, and concealed.

It’s important to consider that, when firing to save a life, it’s likely that the shots will be fast and defensive. In this case, spare ammo would be great to have.

Everyday carry usually includes quite a high number of objects these days; everything from phones and USB drives to keys and pocket knives. Adding in several spare magazines should only be done after extensive practice in carrying and reloading.

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