Should You Carry the Same CCW Every Day?

Many gun owners believe that it is important to select one primary CCW that you carry on your person every single day, ensuring that they will be prepared to use their trusty pistol in self-defense should the need arise. Other gun owners with a large collection of guns like to switch it up and carry a different pistol from time to time. Neither approach is wrong, but there are pros and cons to each.

Essentially, the decision comes down to training and confidence. You want to trust your gun to save your life if you are faced with a threat.

Pros of carrying the same weapon daily:

  • Some people feel confident having one gun with which they train extensively.
  • They have developed muscle memory specific to that CCW so they are confident that they will be able to act almost instinctively if they need to draw their weapon and fire at an attacker.

On the other hand, there are situations in which it makes sense to carry a different CCW at different times.

Cons of carrying the same weapon daily:

  • If a person’s work wardrobe does not accommodate a larger pistol, the tradeoff may be to carry a smaller firearm during the workday and a larger CCW when off-duty.

As long as the gun owner has trained extensively with both weapons, either one will offer reliable protection.

  • Many gun enthusiasts spend countless hours on the range, learning to shoot a variety of guns.

Because of this extensive training, they feel confident switching up the CCW they carry. They may switch it up based on the clothes they’re wearing and the activities they’ll be engaging in that day.

If you’re new to concealed carry, it’s a good idea to get comfortable with one firearm that you’ll use as your everyday CCW. Once you gain more confidence, experience and training, you can decide whether or not to the same firearm on a daily basis.

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