Teachers Can’t Defend Themselves in California, Even If There’s a Shooter

We were amazed when we read this headline on Brietbart.com and had to look into it further: “Dem. Assemblyman Pushes Bill to Guarantee Teachers Cannot Shoot Back if Attackers Strike.”

What’s that all about? Well, turns out the headline is a bit misleading.

In California, Democratic Assemblyman  Kevin McCarty is working to gain support for AB 424, which he introduced a few months ago in February. The Gun Free School Zone Act (SB 707) bars firearms from school grounds, but makes exceptions for anyone granted permission to have their gun on school grounds by local superintendents. McCarty’s bill, AB 424, would take that exception away and would not allow teachers with concealed carry licenses to have their guns at school.

After the passing of SB 707, five out of 1000 school districts in California (according to the article), decided to allow concealed carry permit holders on their campuses. So Breitbart’s headline means that not only would teachers not be able to shoot back if there’s an attacker in their school, they wouldn’t even be able to have their gun on them in the first place.

When will people realize that criminals don’t care that a gun, movie theater, church or bank is a “gun-free zone”? If a criminal brings their gun into a “gun-free zone” and no one else has a means of defending themselves, those poor people–maybe children–are helpless. Our schools have become some of our most vulnerable places, and bills like this do nothing to help.