— Attention ALL U.S. Citizens —

Get Certified to Legally Carry Concealed in Texas
and 27 Other States

Take the Course and Print Your Certificate in Under an Hour!

Would you like to carry concealed in most of the United States all with one certification?

If so, a non-resident permit issued in Virginia is what you’re looking for. The best part, you can get your certificate online in less than an hour.

Get certified today for concealed carry in Texas for only $65!

Legal Conceal Carry in Texas

If you live in Texas and want to conceal carry in Texas (and 27 other states) this certification will work for you!

Step 1:

Watch the Video

Complete your instructional requirements by watching our short instructional video for free.

Step 2:

Download the Certificate

Pass the multiple choice Online Certification Test and then choose to download your Certificate of Completion.

Step 3:

Complete the Application

After you secure your certification, we will outline the final steps necessary to secure your concealed carry permit accepted in Texas.

Why Get Certified for a Virginia Non-Resident Permit?

Getting certified for a Virginia Non-Resident Permit from American Concealed is a fast, simple, and straightforward process.

You can check to see if you qualify, watch the online training, and take the online test in under an hour. Then you just pay for your certification, download it, and send in your permit application.

No in-person instruction, training, or exams required!
This permit is recognized in Texas and 27 other states.

Virginia Non-Resident Permit

  • Take the Online Certification Course from American Concealed (45 mins)
  • Pass Our Online Test
  • No In-Person Training or Testing Required
  • Legally Recognized in Texas and 27 Other States

Texas Permit

  • Must Pass Texas CHL In-Person License Course
  • 4-6 Hours of In-Person Classroom Instruction
  • Must Pass a Written Examination
  • Must Pass a Shooting Proficiency Test
With a Virginia non-resident concealed carry permit, you can carry in up to 28 states. Print your certificate as soon as you finish the course.
Our certificate is legally recognized. If you have any issues processing your certificate our customer service rep will help you resolve the problem


Over 10,000 Certified - And Counting!

Three reasons to secure your concealed carry permit now.


Reason 1:

It’s Your 2nd Amendment Right.

As a Texas resident, now is the time to step up and exercise your right to carry concealed. Many of us forget about our rights until they are in jeopardy. Exercising your rights as an American citizen is a privilege we all should not take for granted.

Reason 2:

Preparation for Protection

Nobody thinks it will happen in their neighborhood but crime has no address. A Concealed Carry Permit recognized in Texas will allow you to legally carry concealed. Protect yourself and those around you. Be ready for anything.

Reason 3:

The Window is Open… 
(but not for long)

There has never been an easier way to secure your concealed carry permit certification online. You may lose this right at any time. Lock in your certification while it is still legal.

With your Certificate you’ll also get your FREE Armed Self-Defense Kit which includes our two best ebooks, “Handgun Safety Training” and “Armed Self-Defense”.

It’s our best deal, and we want you to have it as a U.S. citizen who cares about their right to safely carry a weapon. These books are totally free to you ($37 value) and you can access them right away.

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