Top Five States for Concealed Carry

Each state has its own regulations when it comes to concealed carry. If you disagree with your state’s concealed carry laws, you may want to consider moving to these states.

#1: Arizona
Arizona is the best state for concealed carry. The gun culture in the state is strong, and so is the industry. Many people go to Arizona to purchase guns because of the variety they can find. Customized guns and most hard-to-find guns can be found in the state. A bill was recently passed that allowed transferring of firearms with administrative and municipal regulation. This makes it super easy to deal with gun sales outside of gun shops. The other reasons Arizona is tops is because of its strong self-defense laws and the shooting competitions available throughout the year.

#2: Utah
Utah isn’t as free as Wyoming and Alaska as far as non-permit concealed carry. However, the permits are extremely inexpensive, and residents can carry just about anywhere they go. In some states, many establishments prohibit concealed carry. Utah doesn’t have many of those establishments.

#3: Alaska
Alaska is similar to Wyoming in that those carrying do not require a permit. The state will issue permits for those who are traveling, though. Since permits aren’t required, those carrying must report to law enforcement if they have a gun on them when stopped.

#4: Wyoming
Wyoming is the Equality state, and it’s not just about the equality of people. Some joke the state has more guns than people. The state does not require permits for concealed carry. This means anyone in the state can carry a weapon without going through the process of getting a permit. There is still a background check with gun purchases.
Wyoming is known as a hunting state, which can be great for those who enjoy that hobby.

#5: Florida
Florida has one of the most favored concealed carry movement. It’s a stand-your-ground state. It’s also called “line in the sand” or “no duty to retreat.” The law means that someone can use unlawful force without retreating to defend themselves or others. Florida was the first state with this law, and some other states followed Florida’s lead, so we should appreciate the state for starting this movement.

So, if you’re looking for a place you can proudly use your guns, Arizona is it. The other states are also an option, but Arizona provides just about anything gun owners want as far as laws, variety, and culture.

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