What She Did Right


A recent story broke of a woman who took matters into her own hands when her stalkers threats turned into a reality.

After receiving numerous threats on her life over the course of approximately six months, the woman’s stalker kicked in her door and entered her apartment. After dislodging the chair that was propped against the door, the man made his way toward the stairs that led to her room. She described what happened next in a blog post:

I awoke around 1:15 am to the sound of the door giving way after one kick followed by the sounds of my stalker struggling to dislodge the chair while forcing his way inside. I jumped up and grabbed the gun I’ve learned to do everything even shower with. I stood at the top of my stairs and fired twice. Hitting him in the chest, I hear his scream, his disbelief that I’d stood up for myself.”

The wounded intruder then fled the apartment, but was found by police k9’s soon after. He was taken to the local hospital to treat his wounds. The man now faces charges of home invasion and aggravated stalking.

While she was dealing with her stalker and his increasingly vicious threats, she sought out personal protection in the form of a handgun. She then learned how to use it accurately and effectively. Besides the tactical training, she was also taught how to deal with the emotional and legal repercussions of firing her weapon on an intruder.

In a follow up post, she wrote:

Everyone can be a critic and the fact still remains, you dont know what you will do in a situation until its presented in front of you. Those who believe there was other things to be done have never had someone tell you that you no longer deserve to draw breath and mean it. And for the ‘shouldve fired a warning shot’ folks: There are no warning shots, a gun is a deadly force, you only pull that trigger if you are in fear for your life and all other methods of deterring are gone. When he kicked my door in, there was no longer a deterrent preventing harm. Warning shots are dangerous and could hurt the unintended. This is not a wild west movie. That’s what responsible gun ownership is.”

There are many takeaways and lessons that can be learned from this story. Here’s what we feel she did right:

  • Stopped her intruder
  • Did not hesitate or fire warning shots
  • Sought out training and permits before it was too late
  • Took other precautions first to protect herself legally and physically (restraining order, saved threats, locked/barricaded door)
  • Fired correctly and accurately based on her training
  • Understood that firing her weapon was a necessary step to protect herself
  • She was aware of the potential threat and was ready to protect herself at all times – she said, “learned to do everything” with her gun, meaning she took steps and training to prepare herself for all situations and she was constantly aware of her situation and surroundings
  • She remained calm under stress and acted on her instinct and training
  • She knew her handgun and was comfortable with it – again, she “learned to do everything” with it

If she hadn’t taken the time to seek out effective handgun training, her situation may have turned out very differently. If you’re ready to receive industry leading training and ensure that you’re ready to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out our free concealed training video today.