10 Father’s Day Gifts for the Gun Enthusiast


Sometimes you just can’t think of what to get someone for a gift. At least it helps if you have some idea of their interests, and if you’re reading this blog there’s a good chance the man on your list is an enthusiastic gun lover! Your father may even be the reason that you got into guns in the first place, so isn’t now a good time to show him just how much you appreciate him?

Here are our top 10 Father’s Day ideas that we know the gun enthusiast on your list will love.

1. Gift certificates for gun range time or ammunition.
Costs can add up when you’re buying ammunition or scheduling time on a regular basis for practice. People who love to shoot can never have too much ammunition. Everyone will appreciate a gift of that will erase some of the costs of training and having a day of fun at the range.

Better yet, rather than just giving him money for the range, take him to the range yourself and give him not only the gift of time to practice but spending time with you. Practice free of charge and spending time with their loved ones? Yes, that sounds like a real gift.

2. Bullet accessories show love of guns in style.
The American Concealed online shop offers handmade bullet cufflinks and money clips made with a 12-gauge cartridge. These items are not only conversation pieces for the gun owner, but show off their love of shooting with style.

3. Get him a gun case.
A hard case can help protect his guns and also make it easy to transport them by car or plane. Cases usually hold multiple guns and can provide theft protection as well as pockets and compartments for the convenience of having everything in one place.

4. Too many gun holsters?
Many gun owners will say it’s not possible to have too many holsters. Each holster brings something different to the table, whether it’s a different color, fabric or style. Some holsters are reversible and can be switched from right-hand to left-hand carry with a few turns of a screwdriver.

5. A sporting vest or jacket keeps items close at hand.
A lightweight, stylish vest with plenty of pockets for ammunition, cell phone, keys and other items will always be appreciated. Well-designed vests have hidden pockets and adaptations for technology such as headphone jacks and cord keepers to keep headphones secure. Here’s anĀ everyday carry jacket we’ve reviewed and love.

6. A belt holds up more than pants.
Nothing causes a concealed gun to be uncomfortable and awkward faster than a holster that sags and droops. A good belt offers not only style but stretch and support.

7. Gun cleaning kits.
Whether he’s a novice shooter or an expert, gun cleaning takes time and takes the right products. A gun cleaning kit provides him with all of his products in one convenient place. Most kits come with cloth, oil and other items including a bore brush and cleaning rod that fits the diameter of the gun, so sneak a peek at what gun he’s got before you buy.

8. Concealment training lessons so he’s never unprepared.
Let your Dad practice concealing and drawing his concealed weapon to give him the confidence to access his concealed weapon no matter what is going on. Dry firing practice at home is great, but training and practicing the correct techniques from a qualified instructor will develop his skill.

9. Laser sight to improve accuracy.
Laser sights can help improve accuracy and aid in shooting in low-light situations. Read our article about how useful laser sights can be in stressful situations.

10. Good earplugs protect Dad’s ears.
We can’t recommend shooting without ear protection. Gunfire is loud, no question about that. Hearing protection is so advanced now that really comfortable, good looking ear protection is accessible and affordable.

The electronic ones today have volume controls and receivers and amplifiers so you can hear each other while talking. We published an article about the types of ear protection to get you started in making a good purchase.

Got ideas for other great Father’s Day gifts for Dads on their special day? Let us know in the comments. And we’d like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all American Concealed fathers out there!