Two Tips for Confident Pocket Carry

Pocket Carry
For some situations and lifestyles, pocket carry is a perfect option for armed self-defense. Practice these tips and you may find that pocket carry is right for you. Use the Correct Holster Pocket carry without a holster can cause a host of problems. The correct pocket holster keeps debris and other objects from…
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What to do if You’re Caught in an Armed Robbery

How many stores and businesses do you enter during the week? Because it's such a regular part of life, it could be tough to count or even remember. Here are some suggestions for how to react if you're ever caught in the middle of an armed robbery while in a store. 1)…
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Concealed Carrier a Hero After Stopping Attacker Armed with Two Guns

Police Tape
Thomas McCary held a gun in each hand on Sunday night and fired shots at several people, including a 1-year old boy and the boy's mother. According to the Fox19 report, Cincinnati police say the man fired at four people during the incident. The man's brother, who was carrying concealed, was…
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The Five Everyday Carry Items You Should Never Leave at Home

Everyday Carry11
Your everyday carry is a statement about who you are and what you stand for. Your concealed handgun is for the ultimate threat to your life, but other items are just as necessary. 1) Tactical Flashlight A tactical light is an essential EDC item for its versatility. Get one with plenty of lumens…
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Increase Your Defensive Accuracy with These Sighting Methods

Glock Target2
The legendary lawman Wyatt Earp once said, "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything." When you're under attack though, sometimes fast is all you get. Here's how to make the most of it. The truth is, violent scenarios can take on any form. You might only have the time to fire fast…
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Woman Ends a Violent Assault by Using the Attacker’s Gun in Self-Defense

crime scene do not cross
She met him on an online dating website, but their meeting turned into a violent assault. Luckily, she was able to use his own gun to defend herself. A Charleston, WV woman called 911 reporting that she shot a man who was assaulting her and killed him in self-defense. Check out…
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New Study Shows How Concealed Carry May Decrease Murder Rate

Dark revolver
New research is out that finally puts to rest any argument left against concealed carry. Arming yourself with a gun for self-defense is now the best, and most common, way to stay safe. These three statistics just released by the Crime Prevention Research Center offer compelling proof that now is the…
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What You Need to Know About Knock Down Power

Looking up the muzzle of a handgun
When it comes down to it, concealed carry means having the ability to stop a violent threat to your life as soon as possible. Know the sides of the Knock Down Power argument before you wade in. The Role of Velocity in Knock Down Power Kinetic energy is all about how much force…
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Why a Woman Carrying Legally Still Draws Police and Community Concern

Church Pews
A Pennsylvania woman was exercising her legal right to carry last Sunday and still raised alarm from the community and police. She arrived to her church service in Erie late and other churchgoers spotted a gun on her hip. They contacted police and raised concern over a gun being carried in…
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Florida Business Owner Flashes a Gun in an Argument, Now Could Face Charges

Police car lights
A fight over loud music could have turned deadly last month in Florida. A business owner asked a customer of a nearby auto store to turn his truck's music down, and flashed his revolver in the process. Now the man is working with an attorney to press charges. According to Florida law,…
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