Mentally prepare yourself before using your firearm in self-defense

Hand Firing Gun
The best way to protect yourself and others when carrying concealed is one of the most basic:  mental preparedness.  Being mentally prepared will allow you to react faster to a life threatening situation, saving precious seconds that can save your life. Don’t Carry a Concealed Handgun Unless You are  Prepared to…
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How to prepare your firearms for long-term storage.

Gun inside open safe
As summer winds down, many of us will not being heading outside to our favorite gun range as often, and may need to store our firearms over the fall and winter.  If you have multiple firearms that are not used for home defense, consider preparing your firearms for long term…
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What to say if you are pulled over.

Police officer walking towards a convertible car
Being pulled over is never fun, and if you are carrying concealed, the experience can be stressful depending on the officer.  Below are some tips to keep the process of being pulled over a stress-free as possible. …
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Quick tips to better your shot.

Instructor assisting woman aiming hand gun at firing range in desert
How much training do you think is required to become a good shot?  We believe there is no such thing as too much training, and there is always room for improvement. Dedicate yourself to the quick tips below to become a better shot, and protect your life when you need…
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Get a lawyer before you need one.

Attorney Speaking to Jury
We carry concealed to protect ourselves from physical attack, but how many of us have taken the necessary steps to protect ourselves from legal attack?  Should you ever use your firearm to protect yourself, a lawyer is the closest thing to a friend you will have to help you through…
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Transporting your firearm

Woman driving car
This newsletter is not intended as legal advice.  Gun laws will vary at state, county, and city levels, and we encourage you to learn more about your local laws.  If you need legal advice for a particular situation, we recommend contacting a local, competent attorney. Besides regular questions about reciprocity, we…
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Improving your first shot accuracy

Girl shoots with a gun
Statistically, the first shot fired in self-defense situations does not hit its target. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a fundamentally sound firing technique. …
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How reciprocity works

United States of America map Illustration
We regularly receive phone calls or emails from folks wanting to know which states honor their permits, what the laws for each state allow, and most frequently, “What the heck is reciprocity?” In this newsletter, we explain what reciprocity is, and how to find information on various states’ laws so…
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Use these tips after using your firearm to defend yourself.

crime scene do not cross
While on your normal evening walk, you suddenly come under attack, taking several punches and see a gun in one of the attacker's hand. With no way to flee, you grab your firearm from your back waist and fire two shots, stopping your attacker instantly while the other flees. What…
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Lessons from the Las Vegas Shooting

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign
In Las Vegas earlier this month, a husband and wife decided to act on their extreme views of the federal government, and killed two local officers as they were eating lunch. After killing the officers, the pair headed to a nearby Wal-Mart, killing a woman as they entered the store.…
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