Texas Becomes the Latest State for Open Carry Debate

Many states allow the open carry of modern handguns. Only 6 states ban open carry outright. It comes as a bit of a surprise that Texas is one of the few left that still forbids its citizens from openly carrying handguns. The proposed House Bill 195 would allow open carry of…
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Florida Considers a Bill That Would Allow Concealed Carry on College Campus

open book with handgun
Concealed carry on Florida college and university campuses could be getting a passing grade. A proposed Florida bill allowing concealed carry on campus may soon be made into law, forcing the state government to reconsider their commitment to the safety of the Sunshine state's college staff and students. House Bill 4005…
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Store Clerk Pulls a Gun on Armed Robber

Silhouette of a mans hand with a handgun
The entire altercation only took 11 seconds. In less time than it takes most of us to pour ourselves a cup of coffee, store clerk Jon Alexander defended himself and his liquor store from an armed robbery. The thief entered the store and quickly learned that he’d pulled a gun…
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Off-Duty Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself in an Elevator

Ready to fire
Just this week, an off-duty police officer was adjusting his concealed firearm in a Cincinnati parking garage elevator. He accidentally discharged the weapon, narrowly missing his wife who was standing nearby. The bullet ricocheted off the wall and hit the man in his stomach, causing non-lethal injuries. The man was holding…
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Can Gun Locks Prevent Shooting Accidents?

Gun Lock
Detroit police have called the December 29 death of a nine -year -old boy in an accidental shooting. Details about how the boy found and discharged the gun are still unclear, but the incident still plays on the conscious of many gun owners. When police arrived on the scene that chilly…
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Lessons Learned from the Cafe Siege in Sydney

sydney panorama
The hostage drama that recently took place in Sydney, Australia marks the end of an era. Australians had been previously enjoying a long period living free from dangerous of acts of terrorism, but this crisis has now changed that. After a lengthy, near 16-hour negotiation and hostage drama, Australian police entered…
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Avoid These 3 Mistakes in Gun Range Etiquette

Woman Pointing a Gun
Do you know the essential parts of gun range etiquette? Every range has posted rules for everyone to follow. They are for everyone’s safety, but there are unwritten rules to follow as well. Shooters are a great bunch of people. Don’t be rude at the range. How to Talk with Other…
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How to Survive an Active Shooter

Blurred People Walking in a Modern Interior
What is an Active Shooter? In an Active Shooter situation, an individual is using a weapon to harm or kill people in a public space. You need to know what to do if there is an Active Shooter near you. An Active Shooter is unpredictable and very dangerous. These situations are…
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Are You Using the Right Holster? 4 Ways to Tell

Concealed Carry
Many handgun owners are not using the correct concealed carry holster. This mistake could be have fatal consequences. Follow these guidelines to be sure that you’re using the correct holster for concealed carry. Handgun Holsters With Trigger Protection A concealed carry holster that doesn't provide enough trigger protection can be deadly for…
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3 Things You Must Know About Laser Sights

Gun and Laser
Handgun owners are always looking for ways to improve accuracy and reliability. When personal safety is at risk, a handgun needs to be as effective as possible with very little room for error. A handgun equipped with a laser sight is an option that many are choosing for cost effectiveness…
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