Why We Carry

Bullets And American Flag1
Why do you carry concealed? We all have our own reasons, but it's the ones we share that make us a community. Let's let the world know that armed self-defense is not only honorable, it's necessary for maintaining our way of life. We're carrying on the proud traditions of our families. Few traditions…
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The Two Defensive Shooting Positions You’re Probably Not Practicing

Target shooting
Target practice is an essential part of concealed carry, but you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to really improve. When it comes down to it, target practice and real self-defense are very different situations. The body positions for defensive shooting are not meant to be…
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An Armed Good Samaritan Protects a Car-Jacking Victim

crime scene
Concealed carry isn't always just about protecting yourself from danger, looking out for the safety of others is important too. The video below shows just how effective concealed carry can be when crimes and threats to the life of others occur near you. If you're planning on going to the car…
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Don’t Make These 3 Concealed Carry Mistakes

Hollow Point 3
Too many people think that all they need to do to carry concealed is carry a hidden gun. That's a big, and potentially deadly, mistake. Everyone, from experienced shooters to first-time gun buyers, should be aware of the mistakes to avoid. Mistake #1: Showing off a concealed carry handgun in a…
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Using Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry

Shoulder holsters are sometimes seen as gear for old-time cops and cowboys, but there is a growing number of gun owners who prefer them. This type of holster can be uncomfortable and seem complicated at first, but practice and research can help you find a shoulder rig that fits your body…
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How Texas is Making College Safe for Students

Campus Carry
The new "campus carry" bill that goes into effect this August will finally allow college students to practice responsible concealed carry. Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed the bill into law last weekend, demonstrating his commitment to safer communities and securing 2nd Amendment rights. The law allows 4-year state universities to create…
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You Should Know This About Tactical Lights for Concealed Carry

Light Mount1
You can take your concealed carry handgun to the next level with a mounted tactical light. When they're used correctly, a mounted light has many benefits. There are three important elements to know about mounted lights before you start using them. What are the benefits of a gun-mounted light? Lights attached to…
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The High-Tech Future of Gun Safety

Fingerprint on pixellated screen
The current pace of technological change is staggering. It's nearly impossible to stay on top of the rapid innovation taking place in computers, cars, and entertainment. Firearms are no different. In 2014, the Department of Justice requested $2 million to increase "gun safety technology", which provides a "challenge to the private sector…
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Three Reasons to Add a Suppressor to Your Handgun Training

Suppressor Flag2
There are some very good reasons for adding a suppressor to your handgun training. They're easier to purchase than you think, and they're now legal in 40 states. Despite being sometimes being called silencers, they don't totally silence gun shots. They have more uses than what's portrayed in the movies. And…
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One Oregon County is Refusing to Enforce a New Background Check Law

Abandoned revolver
A county in Oregon is fighting back on recent legislation mandating background checks for private gun sales. The Lane County Board of Commissioners voted last week to refrain from enforcing the law, which they called an "unfunded mandate". The law requires anyone conducting private gun sales to work through a licensed gun…
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