These tips are making airline travel with guns easier and more secure than ever.

People who travel with their firearms are realizing that it's easier than they thought. If you aren't following these tips you could be in for a very long day. Review these guidelines and do your research so that air travel with a firearm is easy and smooth. There are two essential…
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Are You Storing Your Handguns Correctly?

handgun on white background
Don't compromise when it comes to the long-term storage of their precious firearms. Incorrect storage can drastically alter the effectiveness of your defensive firearm. Why Long-Term Storage is Important Seasonal firearms, collectible pieces, and any firearm not used for everyday carry or home protection should be secured in storage. When you're preparing…
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This Home Invasion Caught on Tape is Frightening

Faceless unrecognizable man without identity
They attacked her as she entered her home, tied her up in the basement, and made off with around $25,000 in personal items. She was 63. The shocking video below shows how two men waited in dark backyard for over an hour, then rushed her at her front door. The frightening…
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Carrying Concealed in the Workplace

.380 mm hand gun
Keeping your handgun concealed is always a requirement, but concealment at work is even more important. There may be consequences with frightened and uninformed co-workers, maybe even your paycheck. After a long day you’re the last one out of the office. It makes you nervous to be locking up the doors…
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Master Your Technique with Muscle Memory

Hands loading magazine into handgun
When seconds count, muscle memory can end up saving your life. It's sometimes confused with sports or workout techniques. It's actually more related to our thoughts and memories, and the power we build lies within the mind, not the muscles. When you execute a task repeatedly, you're reinforcing the memory of…
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What You Must Know About the Use of Deadly Force

Gun on ground
Regular practice and an interest in guns is simply not enough. It's assumed that when you carry concealed you're also fully aware of the legal aspects of concealed carry and self-defense. The simple act of holstering a weapon for defense skyrockets your levels of responsibility. None of what follows is intended…
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This Skill is the Foundation of Self-Defense

It's an all too familiar situation. While walking home from work you spot someone up ahead and you get a bad feeling. You're out with friends and a car slowly cruises past. The feelings we get when things might be dangerous are very real. Looking out for those moments and…
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You Can Protect Yourself from a Home Invasion

Burglar indoor
You hear the smash of glass and the sound of someone entering your home. Your pulse quickens and your eyes scan your possessions and your loved ones who are also scared. What happens when everyone looks to you for help? You need a plan and a way to protect yourself. Luckily,…
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Three Reasons to Carry a Tactical Flashlight

flashlight with beam of light
You can make a concealed handgun into an even more effective self-defense tool by pairing it with a tactical flashlight. This isn't just your usual plastic flashlight, though. Tactical flashlights are built for military and law enforcement use. They're tough enough to handle combat situations and all kinds of emergencies.…
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How to Stay Calm in Combat

Lady Takes Aim
What's the worst thing you can do in a self-defense situation? Nothing. If you haven't prepared yourself for how to handle combat, you can freeze up and find yourself unable to make a decision. Stress can hurt your ability to defend yourself. You can make poor choices and, even worse,…
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