Back to the Basics: The Foundation of Gun Safety

Hollow Point 4
There's no excuse for not knowing these three elements of handgun safety. There's more to concealed carry than a holster, a handgun, and ammo. Proper gun safety starts with a solid foundation. Have a Positive Attitude If you asked a thousand handgun owners about the essential elements of handgun safety, odds are…
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These Statistics will Bust Concealed Carry Myths Forever

There are too many misconceptions out there about carrying concealed handguns for protection. People are saying things about handguns and those who own them that simply are not true. So it's our job to spread the truth about some of the myths about people who own a firearm for protection. Myth #1 The…
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Practice Makes Perfect: LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit Review

Firearm training can get really expensive, really fast. Range time and boxes of ammo can start to add up, and this might deter you from getting regular practice.  A laser training pistol is an excellent way to save on money while still taking the time to sharpen your draw sequence,…
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3 Questions Every Gun Owner Should be Able to Easily Answer

Man firing pistol at firing range
If you're carrying concealed, or just thinking about it, you should be prepared for anything. You have decided to protect yourself and others with your handgun should the need arise, so it pays to be sure you know what it takes. Every gun owner should be able to answer these…
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States Consider Concealed Carry in the Classroom

Boy Walking in Hallway Wearing Backpack
These days, teachers are doing more than just teaching the ABCs. They’re now responsible for the safety of their students and themselves. Three states are considering whether concealed carry is the best way to keep schools safe.…
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Texas Becomes the Latest State for Open Carry Debate

Many states allow the open carry of modern handguns. Only 6 states ban open carry outright. It comes as a bit of a surprise that Texas is one of the few left that still forbids its citizens from openly carrying handguns. The proposed House Bill 195 would allow open carry of…
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Florida Considers a Bill That Would Allow Concealed Carry on College Campus

open book with handgun
Concealed carry on Florida college and university campuses could be getting a passing grade. A proposed Florida bill allowing concealed carry on campus may soon be made into law, forcing the state government to reconsider their commitment to the safety of the Sunshine state's college staff and students. House Bill 4005…
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Store Clerk Pulls a Gun on Armed Robber

Silhouette of a mans hand with a handgun
The entire altercation only took 11 seconds. In less time than it takes most of us to pour ourselves a cup of coffee, store clerk Jon Alexander defended himself and his liquor store from an armed robbery. The thief entered the store and quickly learned that he’d pulled a gun…
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Off-Duty Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself in an Elevator

Ready to fire
Just this week, an off-duty police officer was adjusting his concealed firearm in a Cincinnati parking garage elevator. He accidentally discharged the weapon, narrowly missing his wife who was standing nearby. The bullet ricocheted off the wall and hit the man in his stomach, causing non-lethal injuries. The man was holding…
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Can Gun Locks Prevent Shooting Accidents?

Gun Lock
Detroit police have called the December 29 death of a nine -year -old boy in an accidental shooting. Details about how the boy found and discharged the gun are still unclear, but the incident still plays on the conscious of many gun owners. When police arrived on the scene that chilly…
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