Lessons Learned from the Cafe Siege in Sydney

sydney panorama
The hostage drama that recently took place in Sydney, Australia marks the end of an era. Australians had been previously enjoying a long period living free from dangerous of acts of terrorism, but this crisis has now changed that. After a lengthy, near 16-hour negotiation and hostage drama, Australian police entered…
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Avoid These 3 Mistakes in Gun Range Etiquette

Woman Pointing a Gun
Do you know the essential parts of gun range etiquette? Every range has posted rules for everyone to follow. They are for everyone’s safety, but there are unwritten rules to follow as well. Shooters are a great bunch of people. Don’t be rude at the range. How to Talk with Other…
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How to Survive an Active Shooter

Blurred People Walking in a Modern Interior
What is an Active Shooter? In an Active Shooter situation, an individual is using a weapon to harm or kill people in a public space. You need to know what to do if there is an Active Shooter near you. An Active Shooter is unpredictable and very dangerous. These situations are…
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Are You Using the Right Holster? 4 Ways to Tell

Concealed Carry
Many handgun owners are not using the correct concealed carry holster. This mistake could be have fatal consequences. Follow these guidelines to be sure that you’re using the correct holster for concealed carry. Handgun Holsters With Trigger Protection A concealed carry holster that doesn't provide enough trigger protection can be deadly for…
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3 Things You Must Know About Laser Sights

Gun and Laser
Handgun owners are always looking for ways to improve accuracy and reliability. When personal safety is at risk, a handgun needs to be as effective as possible with very little room for error. A handgun equipped with a laser sight is an option that many are choosing for cost effectiveness…
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3 Must-Have Electronics for the Firing Range

Couple skeet shooting
Gun owners love gear and accessories. There is a ton of amazing technology out there to enhance the shooting experience, whether it’s just for fun, competition, or for protection. For the more tech-savvy shooter, there are lots of electronic gadgets available that improve your firing range practice and help you…
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Should You Use Hollow Points for Self-Defense?

Handgun and Hollow Points
Hollow point ammunition has some distinct features that set it apart from its round nose, full metal jacket counterparts. The search for ammunition that will serve you best will bring you plenty of options. Every handgun owner should take the time to research and practice with all types of ammunition…
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Three Tips to Protect Yourself While Driving

Think about all of the ways you are vulnerable to an attack in your car. Preparing for the worst scenarios will keep you and your family safe when there is a threat. Are you ever in these situations? Drivers and passengers are frequently getting in and out of vehicles, and…
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4 Ways to Improve Your Draw

Man and woman aiming hand guns at firing range, low angle view
Think about how often baseball players analyze their batting swing. It’s probably an endless process. Your draw sequence is the same, it takes time and repetition. But, perfecting your concealed carry draw sequence can pay off big dividends. The Four Parts of Your Draw Sequence Your concealed draw sequence can be broken…
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Quick tips for ankle carry.

revolver gun and leather holster isolated on white background
After receiving multiple emails and calls over the last few weeks asking about ankle holsters, it seemed necessary to devote a newsletter to the topic. We typically do not encourage the use of ankle holsters, but if you are determined to do so, please consider some of the tips below. Wear…
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