You Are Responsible For Knowing Your Gun Laws

It’s a line you’re probably heard before . . . ignorance is no excuse. It’s certainly true in the world of carrying concealed. You are responsible for knowing the gun laws in your state and wherever you’re headed to. You can’t say, “Sorry office I didn’t know” and expect it to hold any water.

Recently, a Colorado woman named Hayley Leach was arrested when she attempted to check her gun in an Albany, New York airport for a return trip home to Colorado. Leach lawfully owned her gun in Colorado but did not own a New York State pistol permit. She is now facing charges in New York or criminal possession of a weapon. She must return to New York from Colorado for court and hire a lawyer. she attempted to legally inform TSA of her firearm before traveling, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

What Leach did wrong was failed to check the gun laws in New York, where she was traveling to. The northeastern states have very different attitudes and laws towards guns and carrying guns and she’ll no doubt pay a hefty fine for this if not worse. New York’s (and other state’s) failure to adopt a handgun policy that is more in line with other states or even that follows national reciprocity is criminalizing this woman and others.

Still, until laws change, the responsibility is on you to know the laws of your home state and wherever you might travel to or through. If you don’t already have one, get your concealed carry permit through us. You can get certified in Iowa or Virginia and have up to 34 states recognize your permit. Go to the bottom of this page where it says “Get Certified” or click here and choose either Virginia or Iowa.