Man Shoots his Finger After Falling Asleep With New Gun

We get excited whenever we get a new gun too. The gun we keep by our bed, we’re not ashamed to say, gets looked at and handled right before we fall asleep. OK, enough with this ‘we.’ It’s me, I’m talking about. But, I always put the gun away before I fall asleep. That’s a lesson this 30-year-old Omaha, Nebraska, man learned the hard way!

The Omaha news report said this man, who was unidentified, told officers he was sitting on the couch while holding his new gun when he “must have fallen asleep” while holding his brand new 9mm pistol in his right hand.

He work up to a loud bang at about 4:30am that night, when he realized he has shot off his left pinky finger. The man’s wife and children were in the house, also asleep, at the time, and luckily they weren’t hurt. The man was taken to a hospital where his finger was reattached following a surgical procedure. To make this even more painful, not only does he have an embarrassing story to tell, he now faces charges of having an unregistered firearm and unlawful discharge.

This could be me making a lot of assumptions here, but I’d say lessons learned from this are don’t fondle your gun when you’ve had so much to drink or you’ve done so many drugs that you can’t put your firearm properly away before you fall asleep. OR, don’t handle your weapons when you’re so dead tired that you fall asleep sitting up. Also, don’t handle a loaded pistol¬†inside the house, with the safety off, when you’re in either of the three states mentioned above. Also, register your firearms. Am I right?