Dog Shoots Man on Hunting Trip

Now this is a story from the bizarre side of things. The Independent reports that a Russian man was shot by his own dog while on a hunting trip recently.

How? Apparently 64-year-old Sergei Terekhov was hunting with his brother in a remote part of southwestern Russia. Terekhov let his two Estonian hunting hounds out of his car, and the dogs began to frolic. One of the dogs got his paw on the hunting rifle and pawed the trigger. According to the description, the butt of the rifle was on the ground and the barrel was pointing at Terekhov’s stomach.

The tragic accident happened when the gun went off. The brother drove the victim to the hospital, where he lived long enough to describe what had happened.

“An experienced hunter was killed,” investigator Alexander Galanin told the local news. He added: “He was sober, there was a permit for weapons. Everything was OK. There was an accident.”

Folks, don’t live your life in fear. But try to think of things that can go wrong. We all know how jumpy dogs can be when they are first let loose. We also know that accidents can happen whenever there’s a frenzy around a loaded gun. It’s sad, but next time you’re out hunting, don’t load your weapon until you’re in position and your animals are under control.