Do You Know the Difference Between a Gun and a Sandwich?

A parent in of a child in an upstate New York daycare accidentally put a gun in the child’s lunchbox. The daycare sent home a letter after the incident explaining to parents that the parent accidentally packed it in the child’s lunchbox.

The unidentified gun was found in a mesh pocket on the outside of the lunchbox after the lunchboxes were¬†taken out at snack time and put on a table. The child of the gun owner saw the gun and said something to a teacher. The child reportedly said, “‘This is my mommy’s. I’m not supposed to touch this.”

The parents have concealed weapons permits. Here’s my take . . . Dad should be letting Mom get a little more sleep! She obviously needs it if she’s so frazzled in the morning that she thinks it’s ok to stash the gun like that, even if she intended to take the gun out of the pocket later.