10 Reasons Concealed Weapons Should be Allowed on Campuses

With the increase in college campus shootings the past few years, many students and faculties have considered carrying while on campus. Some schools like Kansas universities, are required by state law to allow guns. Many schools, like University of South Alabama, are not allowing concealed carry on campus and the students are protesting.

Schools say they are not allowing this because they feel more guns isn’t the answer to create a safer environment. The debate concerning concealed weapons on campuses is a heated one, and as of now, each state has the choice on whether or not to allow it. The following are 10 reasons concealed weapons should be allowed on campuses.

    1. Adults are able to defend themselves at home with a firearm, but students living in a dormitory cannot. A dormitory is a home for students, so it makes sense to allow them to defend themselves in their home.
    2. Research has shown time and time again that more guns doesn’t equal more violence. Violent crimes have decreased over the last 40 years, while the number of gun owners have increased.
    3. Women want to conceal carry just like men do, even though the perception is that men who hunt or have a shooting background are more likely to carry. Over the past 9 years, one study reports that concealed carry permits for women have increased 270%.
    4. Campus police cannot be everywhere. When there is an active shooter, a student with a concealed weapon can intervene and save lives.
    5. Gun-free zones aren’t safety zones. While many people believe this, the families of victims of shooters on college campuses most likely disagree.
    6. Students have rights just like everyone else. They should be able to have their Second Amendment rights even though they are students. The Second Amendment doesn’t say that people have the right to bear arms except if they are students.
    7. Firearms aren’t the only potentially dangerous items students can get their hands on in college. Chemistry majors often learn how to create explosives, which can be used to cause harm as well, but that isn’t banned.
    8. Guns have nothing to do with learning. In other words, it does not distract students. Actually, it can be argued that it helps them focus more, as they are not frightened about their safety anymore. And if the weapon is truly concealed, as it should be, no one will even know it’s there.
    9. Concealed weapons are just that – concealed. Other people shouldn’t be able to see them, which eliminates the concern that someone may steal the weapon to commit a violent act.
    10. Students receive the same background checks to carry a gun as other adults do, so it’s just like having an adult carry anywhere else in public.

There are many other reasons why concealed weapons should be allowed on campuses, but these 10 reasons are a good start. If you’re on a college campus, get involved in the decisions concerning concealed carry. You can make a difference, which will lead to thousands of students feeling much more safe and comfortable while away at college.

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