3 Reasons to Carry a Small Caliber CCW


There’s a myth about people who carry concealed. People think that they’re are all carrying hefty .45 and booming .357 revolvers, thinking they’re John Wayne or Dirty Harry.

The truth is far different. Concealed carry permits and purchases are booming all across the country. Not surprisingly, the popularity of small-caliber handguns is also on the rise.  Many people prefer to carry “mouse guns” that chamber smaller rounds like .380 ACP or a .22 LR.

1. Smaller caliber guns are fun to shoot.
Training and regular practice is the best way to be effective. Practice ammo in smaller calibers is usually cheap and easy to find.

Women and young folks also find them easy to manage and fire. Taking the family to the range for target shooting and basic education is fun and easy with a smaller caliber pistol.

2. Smaller handguns are easy to carry.
Concealment is easy with compact handguns. There’s no need to wear baggy clothes and pocket carry is a convenient option. They’re a great option for the office or for individuals who have problems with mobility and dexterity.

Carrying every single day is part of the lifestyle. If a large caliber gun is burdensome for you, chances are you’ll end up leaving it at home.

3. Mouse Guns are more than strong enough for self-defense.
There’s an ongoing debate over just how effective each caliber is for armed self-defense. It really boils down to personal preference, since everyone has a preference for the power they’re comfortable firing.

A person accurately firing a .22 is more effective than someone wielding a .45 firearm that isn’t right for them. No matter the size, a gun is your best option for deterring and eliminating a threat to your life.

Ultimately, the caliber you carry is up to personal preference. Carrying a certain caliber just because someone else does or because a gun is popular could be a mistake.

Carry what’s comfortable and what fits your lifestyle best. Carry a caliber that allows you to practice regularly.