4 Tips Every New Handgun Owner Should Know

As the proud owner of a new handgun, it’s important that you follow these tips to stay safe and stay protected.

1- Get Certified
Sheriff’s offices all across the country are reporting that they’re processing more permit applications than ever. The process can sometimes take anywhere from a few weeks to more than a month in some states.

2- Find a Range
Your local firing range is your best resource for training and knowledge. Try out a few nearby ranges to find one that’s convenient and comfortable. Get yourself a membership, join a gun club, and start training.

3- Get a Lawyer
The second you get that permit to carry a concealed handgun, you should contact a lawyer that’s experienced in firearm law. Have an initial consultation with them and then keep their card on you at all times.

4- Train at Home
A video training is a great way to start getting familiar with your new handgun. Only use an unloaded handgun when you practice at home. Even better, use a dummy gun in the same style as yours to stay safe.

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It’s perfect for both new gun owners and experienced shooters.

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