5 Great, Affordable Surplus EDC Gun Options


By the time you add up all the costs involved with responsible daily carry, taking into account safety certification, live fire training, licensing, frequent range time, ammo, a good holster and of course a reliable, appropriate firearm, the price can get steep. The costs involved can even be prohibitive for some people. With the following affordable surplus gun suggestions, I hope to provide a little relief at least for the firearm part of this equation.

Most of us already know many of the brand new, beautiful well-thought out CC pistols currently being offered by the big companies and high dollar boutique makers. Here’s 5 super cool guns currently available that do NOT cost $700 to $1500 that you might not have considered.

1. The Bulgarian Makarov

Image from southernohiogun.com

3.68 inch barrel, 8-round magazine chambered in the awesome 9×18 Makarov round which is very affordable to shoot in classic Russian steel case ammo. Designed in 1948 and is extremely reliable. Great Cold War-era looks. Available from $249-$275.

2. Beretta 85F

Image from budsgunshop.com

3.82 inch barrel, 8-round magazine in .380 ACP. The baby brother of the classic 92 with renowned Italian fit, finish and reliability. Available for $399.99

3. Radom P-64

Image from cdn.classicfirearms.com

3.3 inch barrel, 6-round magazine in 9×18 Makarov. Very thin, diminutive gun like a PPK only chambered in a slightly bigger, faster round. With a Wolff springs upgrade to make the trigger much better, this is a super cool little gun. Available from $249.

4. Star B.M. 9mm

Image from picturearchive.gunauction.com

4 inch barrel, 8-round magazine in 9mm. This well made Spanish 1911 is a great choice and a heck of a bargain at $229.00

5. Radom P-83

Image from Wikimedia Commons

3.5 inch barrel, 8 round magazine in 9×18 Makarov. The replacement for the P-64 is slightly bigger with 8-round capacity instead of 6. Better ergonomics and a rubber grip make this a fantastic, utilitarian gun for only $219.00.

None of these choices are flawless. They are all steel so a little heavier than modern polymer guns and all have their own particular eccentricities just like any gun. With practice and familiarity I would have no issue with carrying any of these cool old pistols. You definitely have affordable options if you’re willing to do the foot work.