5 Tips to Improve Your Handgun Grip

If you’re having trouble improving your speed and accuracy during target practice, you’ll probably benefit from adjusting the way you grip your firearm. The following tips will help you improve your grip and control when you fire a gun.

1 – Be Firm

Keep a firm grip on the firearm to prevent it from slipping in your hands after you take a shot. Holding the weapon tightly in your hands will give you better control of your gun. Use your dry firing practice to work on maintaining a firm grip every single time you pull the trigger.

2 – Avoid Limp Wristing

Keep your wrist locked when you fire your weapon. Shooters with too much wrist movement typically have trouble returning their gun to alignment, causing them to lose accuracy when they try to shoot quickly. Limp wrists also contribute to weapon malfunctions. Consider your arm an extension of your firearm and keep it strong and locked.

3 – Gun Positioning

Every person is built differently. Although you want to find a gun that fits your hands, sometimes it is necessary to hold the gun at an angle so your finger can properly reach the trigger. You want your finger to be able to pull the trigger straight back without exerting sideways pressure on the trigger.

4 – Two Hands

If possible, use two hands to hold the gun. This stance creates a triangle between your shoulders and the firearm and lets your torso absorb most of the force. Using two hands makes it much easier for the shooter to control recoil.

5 – Consistent Pressure

When new shooters are learning to fire a gun, they may be tempted to increase the pressure of their grip on the gun. However, changing the pressure you exert on the gun can influence the alignment of the gun, affecting your accuracy. Keep consistent pressure on the gun every time you take a shot.

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