9 Things You Should Never Do While Carrying Concealed


Armed self-defense can be a lifesaver- except when silly mistakes get in the way of responsible carry.

Some people might think that just carrying a concealed handgun is enough to protect themselves and the community. And that’s partly true- it’s a step in the right direction. But there are some things that should just never be done. Here are 9 of them.

1. Removing your handgun to show it off

The key word in concealed carry is “concealed”. That means at all times, no matter how excited you are about it. Your friends can check out that new Glock at a time and place where you can safely handle it, unloaded and in private.

2.Adjusting a concealed handgun

With the correct holster, no big adjustments are necessary. If you need to check or change the position of the gun, you’re doing it wrong. Establish a routine and choose a holster that is secure before you even leave the house.

3. Loading your defensive firearm with practice ammo

Practice ammunition is cheap and plentiful because it’s for training at the range. Spend the extra money and carry hollow points. They’re made to enter the target and stop. Ball ammunition will keep flying, putting bystanders in danger.

4. Pocket carrying with no holster

The pants pocket, or the pocket on your cargo shorts (even worse!), is never a good place for an un-holstered firearm. Without a proper pocket holster, your gun could turn upside down and be aimed directly at your face.

5. Telling others in public that you’re armed

Even if you don’t remove your handgun, merely telling someone that you’re carrying can alert others. You don’t carry because it makes you tough or invincible. Someone can overhear you and either try to take it from you or question your intentions.

6. Using your gun to intimidate someone who is making you angry

Wrong on so many levels. A concealed handgun is only for the time when your life is in danger and you have no other options. Brandishing a firearm will only bring the police, and a whole host of trouble.

7. Traveling across state lines without knowing the laws

Yes, concealed carry is your right as an American citizen. But that doesn’t mean that every state treats the practice the same way. Every state has different laws about where you can carry and how. Know if your permit is recognized across state lines.

8. Putting your finger on the trigger when you aren’t ready to fire to save your life

Your handgun stays concealed at all times, but if a crisis does occur and you need to draw your weapon, your finger still stays on the frame until there is no other choice but to fire.

9. Using your firearm for anything other than defending your life.

Simply carrying a concealed handgun does not give you the right, or the bravery, to step in and stop crimes. A gun is not a citizen’s badge, and doesn’t increase your authority in family arguments, parking disputes, shoplifting, or any other crime that doesn’t put lives in danger.

Concealed carry is about protecting yourself and others in a safe and responsible manner. Making these mistakes only gives gun owners a bad reputation and puts lives at risk.