ADCO’s New Super Thumb Works With All S&W Shield Magazines

ADCO had a booth at the NRA Expo that was held last week in Atlanta. We learned that the ADCO Super Thumb now has a new ST3 that works with all S&W Shield Magazines.

Super Thumb is a handy and reasonably priced tool that provides a 4-step method of easy magazine loading. The company introduced the new model after consumers and dealers often called the company directly looking for a Super Thumb that would fit. The only one they could suggest to people did not fit well enough for them to be comfortable recommending it. What the company found was that only a few millimeters in width made the difference for ADCO’s ST3 (styled for center fire flat single column magazines).

Even better, this tiny alteration still allowed the ST3 to fit the originally focused magazines just as well as before. So now, the company (and us!) can be confident in stating that ST3 is the magazine for Shield in 9mm, 40, or 45 caliber. It’s easy to spot it on the package.

Super Thumbs that fit the Shield have a small Shield on the bottom right picture on the front of the package. For less than $10 a customer can leave the store looking forward to a pleasant day at the range. The website, ADCOSuperThumb.com, has a video of the simple 4-step process of painless reloading of pistol magazines. Feel free to call the company and be assured that a human being will answer the phone. Dealer inquiries are invited 800-775-3687 or 781-935-1799

Check out the ADCO Super Thumb on their website.