Advanced Gun Training: What You Can Learn and Why It’s Important

You hear it over and over: Practice and train.

Practice is valuable to improve accuracy, assuredness and ease at handling your firearm—and it makes for a good time. But if you really want to gain an advantage in protecting yourself and your family, there is no substitution for advanced training. With a professional at hand, you can learn finessed self-defense technique and acquire superior self-confidence.

What can you learn from advanced gun training?

  • You will learn to apply one-handed firing techniques. When in a crisis situation, you may not be able to use a two-handed grip. There may be obstacles in your way, you may be injured, or for reasons of concealment and bodily protection, a one-handed grip can keep you less exposed and less of a target to an attacker. Knowing how to shoot, reload and clear malfunctions using both your right or left hand only is imperative.
  • Professionals can help you train for the mental game. Professionals, particularly current and former law enforcement and military, speak from real-world experience. You will hear about actual scenarios and how mental preparedness kept them alive. They are also keenly aware of the body’s chemical changes under extreme stress and danger.
  • Some training courses provide actual instruction on low-light and no-light scenarios. The likelihood of you needing to protect yourself in compromised lighting is likely to happen, yet most of us train in broad daylight. Learn from a professional how to protect yourself in all lighting situations.
  • Advanced courses can offer detailed training on taking cover, barricading, clearing rooms and other tactical tools. You can then take this information and evaluate your home to potentially provide an advantage should you ever face a threat to your family. This will also increase your situational awareness away from home. You may find yourself noting exits, potential barriers and cover.
  • Supplemental training can teach you firing from different positions: prone, kneeling and sitting. Should you find your life in danger, chances are you won’t be in your ideal stance. These are important techniques.
  • Situational tactics courses are offered and truly heighten your sensibilities and capabilities. Learn how to be prepared in your car, a hotel, a public space. This advanced course may also teach you communication techniques and how to establish safe zones.

Advanced training courses can cost as little as $100 for a full day of education; it’s a small price to pay to become a more competent handgun owner. What if you’re not there yet and you’re just getting started? Well, this list of things we just talked about above gives you an idea of what more there is to learn, but you have to start somewhere.

Here’s a good in-between option…American Concealed sells a “Shooting for Accuracy” online video and eBook course. I know…we’re just talking about how much you can learn from working with a professional in person. But here’s the thing, many people who are new to guns don’t want to walk into a course knowing nothing. Some people who are getting their license to carry concealed really have never handled a gun before and are very self-conscious and unsure of themselves.

They can benefit from watching a video in the comfort of their own home. They can watch it as many times as they like, rewinding to view important pieces of information as many times as they need to without having to continually raise their hand in a class setting. Some people feel very self-conscious practicing stances and grips in a room full of other people. Some of them may or may not know more than they do, but it can feel like everybody is an expert but you.

In this video, it’s only $65 and you can learn accuracy basics and training tips for every level. Check it out: http://americanconcealed.com/product/shooting-for-accuracy-online-video-ebook-combo/