Aftermarket Accountability


Earlier last month (September 2017) a seller on Amazon was discovered offering a what seems to be an Illegal full auto conversion sear for Glock pistols. It apparently got through the gates at Amazon because the unscrupulous seller lists it as being for Airsoft guns. But is made of machined metal and has little to do with an Airsoft toy. It would not fit the backplate nor work with the mechanics of it. I just looked, and these images are no longer available on Amazon.



This is clearly an attempt to sell an illegal product by bamboozling Amazon and has since been pulled. It’s hard to blame Amazon due to the sheer volume of products they handle all over the world and not knowing the mechanical intricacies of thousands of weapons and what it would take to modify them for full auto fire. This is an example of an illegal product attempting to be sold in an illegal way. The likelihood of it working in a real gun is debatable.

Most likely it would destroy a perfectly good gun, not to mention make you guilty of a felony for possessing it or installing it in what used to be a legal handgun. Nobody in their right mind wants that. In fact the vast,vast majority of gun owners are among the most law abiding citizens in our society. This brings up products that are legal but skirt federal law by splitting hairs. I’m talking about products that are carefully avoiding law structure but producing the same results such as the now infamous “bump stocks” and also trigger cranks.

Slide Fire, a company that sells the bump stocks used by the Las Vegas shooter, suspended their sales following that shooting event. You can see their website mesage on the image above.

I am all for modifying your guns to meet your needs, whatever they may be: hunting, recreation, military collecting, re-enactment ,home defense, personal defense. Have at it! As long as it is legal, safe and not a blatant attempt to make a legal weapon behave in an illegal manor i.e.fully automatic fire. that particular modification has no application in civilian life and as any soldier can attest, a limited application even for the military.

As an avid military collector I have spent more money than I care to add up firing full auto weapons at machine gun shoots and ranges that offer it. It’s awesome. I highly recommend it. I have no need for that in my own gun safe though. We have the power, as the intended market for such products, to not buy them. If they can’t make money they definitely wont make the product. If a product’s intention is to narrowly get around a federal law, it’s my opinion that you shouldn’t buy it! From my experience they generally never work very good anyway.

As I write this on Thursday before publishing on Friday, the N.R.A. has just released a statement reading “The N.R.A. believes that devices designed to allow semiautomatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.”

I don’t know if the banning and elimination of bump stocks and similar devices (if you even could!) will stop or even slow down a determined psychopath from committing mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas. But I do know doing nothing won’t.