Avoiding Tragedy By Practicing Responsibility

On Friday March 17, two three-year-old boys were exiting a car with an adult to visit a Chuck E. Cheese in Ft. Worth, Texas, according to reports from NBCDFW.com. Upon exiting the vehicle, one child found a handgun stored in the car, shot himself, and the bullet also struck another child.

Both children are expected to recover. One was shot in the hand. The other boy was shot in the back and his injuries are serious. Part of the story unstated is whether or not anyone, i.e. an adult, will be charged in the matter.

Who might be culpable here? Ultimately it’s the gun owner. And I’m not talking about legal consequences. But whatever crimes or negligent discharges happen with your gun are on you. Keep your gun away from people who don’t know how to use it. Supervise its use. Keep it on you or safely locked away—and this includes in a lock box when it’s in a car. Know where it is at all times. And make sure it will not be where kids can get at it.

This was an outrageous act of carelessness and according to reports, just days earlier in Ft. Worth, a five-year-old boy retrieved a handgun from the top of a dresser and shot himself. These tragic and senseless acts, visited upon totally innocent children by completely irresponsible adults must stop. They are 100% avoidable.

  • Secure your gun if you are going to leave it in a vehicle. There are specially designed, vehicle gun safes to help prevent theft if you are not going to keep your gun on you.
  • Trigger locks are inexpensive.
  • Find a gun safe for home use and put it to work.
  • Keep your gun on you at all times.

What do you think about prosecuting adults who leave guns accessible to children that have resulted in injury and/or death? Please leave your comment below.

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