Benefits of a Concealed Carry Class


With the increasing number of public shootings, many people have decided to pursue a concealed weapon’s license. This allows them to carry a handgun concealed under their shirt, which can be used in volatile situations requiring protection. .

Washington state does not require you to take a class. You just go to your sheriff’s office to apply. Some states have what is commonly called constitutional carry, where you do not need a permit to carry at all. To add confusion, some constitutional carry states require permits to carry concealed in certain locations. Regardless of the mixed rules,  American Concealed always recommends taking a class. Since you will be carrying a weapon in public, you never want a situation in which someone gets shot because of inexperience, lack of mental preparation or not being safe with the gun.

What Will Be Taught in a Concealed Carry Class?
When you take a concealed carry class, you will learn just about everything you need to know about carrying a concealed gun in public. The following are some of the topics that will be covered.

Concealed Carry Laws
Each state has its own concealed carry laws. You will learn the laws for your state, so you never enter into a legal situation that could result in a fine or even imprisonment. This is extremely important, as many people have been punished for violating concealed carry laws.

In addition to the laws, the class will cover regulations that you need to know about concerning carrying your gun in public. This means understanding where you can and cannot conceal a weapon, even though the state allows concealed weapons.  Some laws are confusing or have little-known restrictions. It is up to the gun owner to know what they can and can’t do, including how to interact with law enforcement in their state in the event that there is any incident.

Another part of this class involves teaching you what to do and not do when you are pulled over while carrying a concealed weapon. In some states, you are required to let the policeman know you have a concealed weapon if he asks you and you should have your license with you at all times. Some states, such as Oregon, do not actually require this, although law enforcement officers have told us that it is a courtesy to disclose your weapon even if you are not required to tell. Most policemen will ask you because when pulling you over, they check your record, which will indicate you have a concealed weapon’s license.

Safety Training
Since you will be around a lot of people with a weapon, the class will cover gun safety. These safety lessons will be for your protection and those around you. It will cover how you can ensure you don’t misfire, no one takes the gun from you, and what to do when you are in a dangerous situation. This may seem like information you already know, but refreshing your knowledge is always good especially with shooting.

Don’t start carrying a weapon concealed without taking a concealed carry class. It’s something you will benefit greatly from, and walk away a more responsible gun owner and shoot, so you can not only protect yourself but the people are you as well.