Read This Before You Carry With a Round in the Chamber

Anyone carrying concealed must address the question of carrying with a round in the chamber. It’s a serious debate, with plenty of knowledgeable people on both sides.

Thinking about carrying with a round in the chamber? Here’s what to know first.

1. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until You’re Ready to Destroy Your Target
Always keep your finger on the frame any time you handle a firearm, whether there is a round in the chamber or not. Your finger should never be on the trigger unless you are fully ready to destroy the target.

If you decide to carry a firearm with a loaded round, understand that the moment that you pull the trigger can never be taken back. This requires a well-practiced discipline and an awareness of the high level of responsibility it takes to carry concealed.

2. Always Use a Secure and Comfortable Holster
Many negligent discharges occur as a result of holster adjustment. Reaching over to your holster and moving it to be more comfortable or to “make sure it’s still there” can result in an accidental trigger pull.

If you carry with a round in the chamber, messing with your holster or carrying in an unfamiliar way can result in accidentally engaging the trigger. Even with the safety engaged, there is still a danger.

3. Treat every firearm as if it’s loaded.
Negligent discharges can happen when a gun owner is not focused while cleaning or showing the gun to a friend.

Everyone, no matter how experienced they are, must treat every firearm as if it’s loaded and depend on a secure holster.

4.What are the Potential Risks?
Because of these, some choose to carry without loading a round, calculating that they’ll have the time to spare.

If the trigger is engaged accidentally, either by a person without trigger discipline or by not being secured in a proper holster, a chambered round is very dangerous.

That being said, some feel that the increased speed and reaction time is worth it, should a threat present itself.

There’s no need to be afraid of a handgun, but a heavy amount of respect and secure technique is required.

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