Concealed Carry Reciprocity States

When you have a license/permit for concealed carry, there are some states that will honor it. These states are called “concealed carry reciprocity states.” Reciprocity is a legal term that means states recognize the gun laws of other states. It’s important to know which states honors the license/permit of other states, so you don’t end up violating the law. Some states do not have any reciprocity while some have reciprocity with only a few states.

No reciprocity agreements with other states.
Hawaii, California, Idaho

To figure out which states honor your permit, visit the website of the agency that issued your permit to view a list of their reciprocity agreements. Next, visit the website of the state you plan to visit and view their reciprocity list to confirm your permit is honored.

For most states, the issuing authority for the concealed weapons permit is the department of public safety or the state police. On each website, look for a link labeled, “reciprocity.” Sometimes reciprocity information is buried in a FAQ section.