Connecticut Considers Reciprocity

Currently, Connecticut does not have reciprocity with other states. That may change as the House is considering a bill, House Bill 7259, which would “secure permit, certificate or license reciprocity between Connecticut and other states that have substantially similar standards for carrying a pistol or revolver.”

A public hearing was held on the bill on March 15. The next step for the bill is for it to be seen by the judiciary committee in the legislature. Also under consideration in Connecticut is House Bill 6200, which would “require individuals who openly carrying a pistol or revolver to produce their permit upon request of a law enforcement officer if the firearm is visible to such officer.”

People (like us) who support reciprocity understand that ¬†law-abiding gun-permitted citizen will be law-abiding whether they are in Connecticut or California, and should be allowed to have their gun with them regardless of whether they have crossed a state line. Most states have reciprocity. The ones that don’t automatically turn law-abiding gun-permitted citizens who keep their guns with them into criminals, even though nothing has changed other than an arbitrary geographical line has been crossed.

Critics argue that states (like Connecticut) with more restrictive gun laws would be “forced” under reciprocity to accept permits from states with less strict gun permitting processes.

We’ll keep American Concealed readers updated on the outcome of this legislation.