Considerations for Women When Buying Their First Handgun


Somebody loves you very much. They want you to be able to protect yourself. They gave you a gift certificate for Christmas to go to the store and choose whatever handgun you would like. But it’s not that simple. You don’t want to just go to the store, hold one, and see if it feels right in your hand, then buy it, because that’s not enough. There are several other things to consider.

First of all, don’t be surprised or concerned if a lot of people tell you there’s only one kind of gun to get or only one way to carry. They are well-meaning, but don’t know you or your circumstances. Just smile and thank them.

Then look for a gun store that has an on-site range where you can rent their guns to try. If there are none near you, look for a local women’s shooting group or simply ask your friends if you can try their guns. Women are very happy to get together and let you try their guns.

There are a lot of things that will affect what kind of gun you should get. The size of your hand, the strength in your hand, how the recoil affects you. Do you stand all day at your job or sit? Are you short-waisted or full-figured? If you plan to carry, how will you carry? In a purse? On your
ankle? Inside the waistband? You may not have any idea at first, and that’s OK, it can really be a process as you gain experience.

There is no one single best way to carry and no one single holster that will work at all times for you. Men can usually get by with one or two different holsters, but why do we need so many? Because of our wardrobe. If we wear tight shirts, carrying around our waist won’t work for us but ankle carry could work. Conversely, if we wear skinny jeans and high top boots, ankle carry won’t work but carrying around our waist might work if we wear somewhat loose shirts. Each of these methods may work for you with the same handgun, or they may not.

Don’t be surprised if you change your mind a few times. You may start with one gun and as you gain more experience (because you will also takes classes, right?) then you may decide you want another gun. You may want a different gun for different outfits or different seasons. And that’s how so many of us end up with several handguns and a variety of holsters (the firearms industry loves our financial impact!)

Bottom line – try guns before deciding. Pick the one that works for you. Not someone else. You. Because you are one who will be carrying it and shooting it, protecting your own life. You need to do what works for you.