Don’t Make These 3 Concealed Carry Mistakes

Too many people think that all they need to do to carry concealed is carry a hidden gun. That’s a big, and potentially deadly, mistake. Everyone, from experienced shooters to first-time gun buyers, should be aware of the mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Showing off a concealed carry handgun in a public place.
Some people think of their guns like an expensive car; they just can’t wait to show it off. Concealed carry means that the gun stays out of view, all the time. Once a person knows the location of a gun, the possibility of bad consequences goes through the roof.

Show your gun off at a party and you make yourself an instant target. You’re not only target for someone who wants to steal the gun from you, but you could give another person a reason to think you’re armed for the wrong reasons.

Mistake #2: Carrying full metal jacket (FMJ) target practice ammo in a self-defense handgun.
Loading practice ammo in your self-defense handgun is a huge mistake. Don’t avoid the more hollow point varieties of self-defense loads because of the price.

Hollow points are built to expand on contact, resulting in a shot that’s safer for everyone else and more effective against a threat. FMJ ammunition will pierce the target and then proceed to go through just about everything else, including walls, windows, and other people nearby.

Mistake #3: Using an uncomfortable concealed carry holster.
A holster that constantly rubs the skin or needs adjustment is not only annoying, it’s dangerous. People are much less likely to carry consistently if they’re uncomfortable, and constant carry is a key to being effective.

People are more prone to adjust holsters that hurt, and that leads to accidental discharges and drawing attention to your weapon, both of which could have deadly consequences.

Carrying a firearm is never about intimidation factor or owning expensive items, it’s about being prepared to protect yourself and others in the event of a deadly threat. In a situation like that, there’s no room for error.


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