Elite Survival Systems Announces New Clipless IWB Holster

We haven’t tried this clipless holster yet but we trust Elite Survival Systems and it sounds like it would be a worthy investment. The new Mainstay Clipless IWB Holster stays put. Period, says the literature.

Elite Survival Systems has over the years had customers ask if they could use the company’s pocket holster inside the waistband. The company could never really recommend this method of using pocket holsters for IWB use. The material composition of a product meant to be used inside the waistband would have to be slightly different than what would be used in a pocket.

It would require a superior fabric with an incredibly sticky exterior, with goals of both superior staying power and excellent durability. Elite Survival Systems wanted a product it could guarantee for that use with no reservations. Let’s face it, IWB holsters battle a variety of conditions including rubbing up against skin with its oil and sweat, and friction between the body and whatever the user is wearing. Elite Survival Systems spent the last two years searching for a material which would achieve these goals. The result of this effort is their Mainstay Clipless IWB holster with a siliconized outer layer offering unbeatable slip resistance and maximum durability.  The superior materials used will not flake or disintegrate over time with use. Elite Survival Systems builds the Mainstay in the USA and offers a lifetime guarantee. Get the holster from www.elitesurvival.com for $24.95. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit popular handguns.