Florida Considers Allowing Concealed Carry On College Campuses

Florida is considering allowing concealed carry on college campuses around the state. In light of the Oregon shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon last week, Florida State Rep. Greg Steube wants change.

Steube arrived at the Sarasota County Legislative Delegation meeting on Friday with his argument after becoming increasingly frustrated with yet another mass shooting on a college campus. Concealed carry on college campuses is now another debate on the table that’s seeing a resurgence in light of last week’s UCC shooting tragedy.

It was after State College of Florida President, Carol Probstfeld, finished listing off a set of the school’s priorities for the upcoming legislative session that Steube made a powerful presentation of his own. The state representative held up a newspaper, pointing to the Oregon shooting story.

At first Steube was going to rattle off a series of questions to Probstfeld, but figured it wasn’t the time or place for the discussion. Instead, he pressed for the college president to meet with him and discuss a bill that would allow concealed carry on campuses. It’s noted in reports that many university and college officials have criticized the bill.

Steube said in an interview that he wonders “how many innocent people have to die before college and university presidents wake up and realize gun-free zones don’t protect anybody but the bad guys?”

The representative went on to say that gun laws as they stand now prevent licensed and trained military veterans from carrying a gun on a college campus.

Probstfeld did say that she was happy to hear him out because she said that they don’t “want a repeat of what happened in Oregon in Florida.”

The guns on campus debate is expected to be a major issue for the Florida Legislature that takes place next year. If the measure passes into law, it could mean that 1.4 million state residents would be allowed to possibly carry their firearms on university and college campuses.


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