Florida Man Charged For Drawing Shooting on Student’s Paper

A “disturbing” scene of school violence was drawn on the paper of a student attending Port St. Joe Elementary School in northwest Florida. Five students are shown lined up, with one lying in a puddle of blood while a gunman holds a large weapon firing bullets with “pew pew pew” sounds aiming at the lined-up students. A school building in the background of the scene is shown going up in flames, with one student running out, with flames coming off their body.

When a teacher found the image drawn on a fourth-grade student’s homework, the school called authorities. The student’s stepfather, Robert Paul Alexander Edwards of Mexico Beach, Florida, was arrested later that day. The guy doesn’t look like your stereotypical responsible parent.

Edwards, 33, said he knew he was drawing it on the student’s homework and that it was going to be turned in. Although authorities don’t believe that Edwards planned to actually carry out a school shooting or firebombing, Edwards was charged with a second-degree felony for sending a written threat to kill or do bodily injury. After talking with Edwards, the police said they viewed it as “a childish mistake.” Sorry, but you’d have to be pretty stupid to think that a school wouldn’t notice or care about a drawing like this on a student’s paper.

Photo from Gulf County Sheriff’s Office